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Please see below a list of bands that we recommend for you to consider as an entertainment option for your private charter.

Please note that although City Cruises York have suggested these bands we do not receive commission or other financial remuneration should you choose to book them for your function. A charge of £25.00 will be levied if you have a live band on your boat to cover our costs, including Performing Rights Society licence fees.


Band Name

Contact Name

Contact Details

Music styles and


Melting Pot Acoustic

Paul Downes


Paul and Jimmy cover a wide variety of songs from Del Shannon to One Republic, in fact their repertoire is chock-full of classic hits and forgotten favourites from every era going back all the way to the birth of rock n roll. Ideal for weddings or any such gathering where you might want a relaxed catch up with friends and relatives, some dancefloor party time with hands in the air singalong or a mixture of the two.

The York String Quartet

Vince Parsonage

07948 740630

Elegant string music for all occasions played by professional musicians

Pavilion Music

Jean Hotton

01845 525207

A range of Strings, Woodwind, Piano and Harp played in Solos, Duos, Trios and Quartets.

Classical and Modern

The Ringtones

Jim Tait Management

07802 511286

Experienced 4-piece Guitar group. Music ranging from the 50’s and onwards.

Mark Allen

Jim Tait Management

07802 511286

Fabulous International Entertainer

Corey Spence

Jim Tait Management

07802 511286

The Busker from The Voice.

Loves to entertain with his Guitar.

Fanfare –Brass Band

Ken Stamp

01904 702164

Live Trombone Soloist with backing music.

All popular music

The Kid Boyd Jazz Band

Martin Boyd

01904 635759

Lively party jazz & boogie, or gentle Latin and jazz background music

Paradise Steel Band

St.Clair Morris

07703 767117

Playing a range of traditional Caribbean music as well as English songs.

Blue Phunk

David Daniels

01347 824907

9-piece funk/soul/fusion band with live vocalists

The Speak Easy Two

Martin Shaw

07845623859 or

Live acoustic duo. Ranging from Soul to Blues to Pop and Rock

Caribbean Steel Band

Jo Pemberton

0113 277 5507

A live Caribbean steel band with calypso style music

N.B. Before booking a band from the above list, please read the guidelines detailed below.

If you decide to book and pay for a band that is not on this list, we suggest you agree with them the standards detailed below, to ensure you know what to expect on the night.

We recommend you liaise with City Cruises York before booking any band for your cruise.

We need to check the following:-

  • The boat you have booked is large/flexible enough to meet your requirements
  • That your band know what facilities are available on your boat (e.g. space and electrical facilities).


The following standards have been formalised, and are expected of all musicians working on City Cruises York vessels.

  • All musicians must be set up and ready to play 15 minutes before the boat is scheduled to sail. The boat will be at the quayside 45 minutes prior to this, to enable the band to set-up.

  • The agent or lead musician contact with whom the booking is made will ensure that all musicians know the correct boarding point and ‘ready to play by’ time.

  • Inclusive prices will be quoted to any customer, with no additional charges levied unless the cruise duration changes, and then only by prior agreement with the customer.

  • A correct VAT invoice will be raised when requested by the customer.

  • Musicians must be dressed appropriately, details of which will be supplied at the time of booking.

  • Musicians being paid to play, will not partake of the customers’ food on board, even at the invitation of the customers (The same applies to all other City Cruises York staff on board).

  • Band members are welcome to have 1 soft drink each during the cruise, with the compliments of City Cruises York. All other drinks must be paid for.

  • Musicians will not take more than a 10 minute break following every 30 minutes playing, unless specifically requested otherwise, during the cruise. When the band takes a break, background music will be played.

  • Only background music will be played when the boat is moored prior to the commencement of the cruise.

  • When returning to the quayside at the end of a charter, all musicians must stop playing before the boat reaches the landing.

  • As part of our strict licensing conditions from York City Council. We need to consider the York residents. Therefore all music except background will cease at 9PM when the boat is sailing between Lendal & Skeldergate bridges in the City Centre.