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There’s 3 New Skippers in Town…………..

We are delighted to announce that all three of our trainee Boatmasters (Skippers), Aaron, Laurie and Stu have today passed passed their Boatmaster exams.

Aaron and Stu both joined the company in 2013 as seasonal crewmembers, whilst Laurie joined as a seasonal crewmember in 2015. They have all expressed a desire to train as Skippers throughout their time with the company and we are thrilled that they have now joined the ranks with the rest of our team of intelligent, welcoming and entertaining Boatmasters!

They have all demonstrated outstanding commitment to their training and passing their exams is a fantastic achievement when you consider that their training program only lasted around 3 weeks and they have had to contend with learning on a swollen River Ouse after the rain that has befallen the catchment area recently!

A lot of credit needs to go to our Head Skipper, Mark, who has worked tirelessly in helping to impart his years of experience onto the guys. Their training is a thorough mix of practical and theory based activities and Mark is always engaging and inspiring for his trainees. He must be as they have always passed!

We asked the guys about how they feel:

How did you find the test?

Aaron: “It was definitely challenging to start with and don’t take this the wrong way but after a while it was easier than I thought it would be. This really is down to the thorough training program that we underwent with Mark. Also I should add that the MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency) made us all feel very comfortable and made the exam a fair but enjoyable experience.”

What are you now most looking forward to?

Stu: “More than anything I am looking forward to skippering the boat down to Naburn and back for our River Bus Service. It’s a perfect relaxing way to start the day.”

And most importantly, who is your favourite YorkBoat Skipper (surely they will say Mark after all of the effort he put into their training!)?

Laurie: “In much the same way that there is something to like about every day, there is also something to like about every skipper. But my favourite is Les!”

So there you have it, Les get’s the vote! It must be his outrageous sense of humour; you can see for yourself here!

We are delighted as a company to be able to count on Aaron, Laurie and Stu to look after the safety of our passengers whilst also ensuring that every single one of them has a memorable experience on board our fleet. Although Laurie may have to wait a while before he reaches Les’s standards in comedic delivery, it seems like he is really going to at least enjoy his new role with us. As will Aaron and Stu.

If you see them down on the quayside this Summer, be sure to tell them “well done” for a brilliant achievement.